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Put some STEAM into your Preschool with High Touch High Tech!

High Touch High Tech of Dallas continues to nurture budding young minds with innovative early childhood programs designed to challenge & amaze preschool age children. These programs encourage your students to expand their thinking and problem-solving skills with many opportunities for both individual and collaborative projects.


STEAM has become a hot topic in the world of education. It is an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics for guiding student inquiry, discussion, creativity and critical thinking skills.

There are many reasons why STEAM subjects should be addressed in early learning settings. Early learners will learn to make observations, make hypotheses, and use critical thinking. These skills will help young children to grasp math and science concepts early in life creating a strong foundation for future learning.

High Touch High Tech Preschool Programs will encourage your early learners to investigate and ask questions while performing hands-on experiments and delving further into the world of science!

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Science Programs for Kids


Encourage science discovery in children around the world!

2018-2019 Preschool Programs

August - Magnet Makers©
Discover how much fun magnetism can be. Become a magnet racer! Uncover all the "attractive" facts!

September - Good Vibrations©
Discover the word "vibrations" and experiment with how they create sound. Listen as sound waves travel through solids, liquids, and gases. Take home a silly, vibration kazoo!

October - Bats, Night Fliers©
Learn about these super-interesting creatures that fly through the night sky. Find out why these animals should not be feared and how they actually help people.

November - FOAMtastic!©
Discover the fascinating science behind Foam! Learn how to create foam, and even make it erupt!

December - Mixed Up Molecules©
Have FUN as we learn how and why some things mix and others do not mix. We'll discover both physical changes AND chemical reactions!

January - Germs Make Me Sick©
Uncover the science behind those yucky little germs that make us sick. Learn how easily germs can be passed around, and what we can do to keep them away!

February - Have a Heart©
Learn about the most amazing, and most high-endurance muscle in your body - your heart! Find your own heart and discover how important it is. Feel and hear your very own heartbeat!

March - My Friend Ben©
Let us introduce you to the super-cool science of our friend, Benjamin Franklin. Imagine his "electrifying" experiments as we build circuits and concoct a special writing ink!

April - Blow With The Wind©
Learn all about air, air movement, and how it creates wind. Discover how scientists use the wind to predict the weather. Take home a wind-collecting pinwheel to gauge your weather!

May - Magnificent Mountains©
Make your very own mountain to keep. Discover the vegetative zones, and have FUN as we make an avalanche!

Science Programs for Kids


Discover the power of observation as students journey through experimentation!


Each program is $180 for up to 45 students (up to three, 30-minute sessions). $4.00 per additional student over 45.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the supplies included with the program?

A: All supplies are provided by High Touch High Tech. Our Scientist will bring enough supplies for each student to enjoy a hands-on experience.

Q: When will the Scientist arrive?

A: Our Scientists require only 5-10 minutes to set up for your program; therefore, you should expect them to arrive approximately 10 minutes prior to the start of your program.

Q: May we include our "transitional two's"?

A: Our programs and policies include a firm minimum age limit of three years. Our scientists are not permitted to serve children under the age of three years.


We look forward to visiting your preschool soon!


Science Programs for Kids


Participate in FUN science experiments with easy to use scientific tools!

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